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Soundscape Park

Soundscape Park

Miami Beach, Florida

Jamie Maslyn Larson was the Project Director of this project while at West 8 - the prime consultant for this project.  Soundscape Park transformed an existing parking lot and created a dramatic experience of arts, culture and relaxation in a green oasis. Centered toward Frank Gehry Partner’s New World Symphony building, the primary program of the park was to create an outdoor listening and viewing room for Wallcasts which simulcasts NWS concerts, movies in the park and other projected events.

The design first focused on creating a shady, green park that would attract people to use the park every day.  Hundreds of palm trees dapple shade, while live oaks and flamboyant trees provide deeper shade. Permanent shade structures are designed to reference the fluffy cumulous clouds of this tropical setting. Soundscape was West 8’s first built project in the United States.

Soundscape and New World Center won several awards and was featured in: The New York Times, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Miami Herald, Topos, New York Magazine, Dezeen, Dirt, Elle Décor, Azure Magazine, World Landscape Architect, and Fast Company.