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    Lincoln Brown Illustration
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    Lincoln Brown Illustration
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828 Winter Street

Waltham, Massachusetts

ON THE BOARDS: Working closely with the architect, developer, and real estate investment team Wagner Hodgson is working on updating an existing bio tech facility in suburban Boston.  A 141,000 SF addition and parking structure will be added creating a 31,000 SF south and west facing Commons courtyard for the development.  This “Commons” will serve all building tenants and offer amenities targeting young, tech-savvy startup companies.  Amenities include a variety of outdoor “rooms” for gathering, a regulation Bocce court, café tables and chairs, circular group meeting pods, an outdoor café, wi-fi, open tent lawn for special events, a fountain, an outdoor hearth and a covered lounge area.  In the ever-competitive market for biotech tenants these amenities are giving our client a clear advantage in attracting and keepings these companies.