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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamie Maslyn Larson was the Principal in Charge of this project while a Partner at West 8 - the prime consultant for this project.  Drexel University’s University City campus is inextricably linked with the Philadelphia’s urban realm. Its verdant quads are the bustling streets and its bell tower is the city skyline.  Because Drexel is an urban campus within a dense neighborhood, so the Public Realm Plan needed to account for the complex interrelationship of the urban issues including circulation and traffic, safety, stormwater, open space, identity, urban design, and lighting.

The Public Realm Plan also integrated the social milieu of the Drexel and broader community. Over the course of eight months, the project team conducted interviews and hosted worksessions with students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders. The design team analyzed the feedback they received and used it to develop specific design guidelines for a cohesive Public Realm Plan.

The Plan shows how Drexel’s campus can become more positively urban and greener, more amenable,and more vibrant through public space design for places to learn, interact, play, and relax.