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Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens

KENNETT SQUARE, Pennsylvania

Longwood Gardens is an American treasure: a celebrated public garden near Philadelphia created by Pierre duPont in the late 19th century.  West 8 was the lead design firm for Longwood’s first-ever physical master plan. Jamie Maslyn Larson was Principal in Charge of the project.

The Master Plan’s fundamental aim was to support Longwood’s goal to transform Longwood into one of the great gardens of the world. The Master Plan is a 40-year plan that identified and envisioned short term and long term projects to amplify and build from Longwood’s strengths, diversify and expand programming, manage and simplify the back of house work, and create a world apart from the everyday experience.

Since the Master Plan was complete, Longwood has implemented several important projects including the 86-acre Meadow Garden and the renovation of the Main Fountain Garden.