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Winooski River Greenway

Montpelier, Vermont

Currently industrial land composed of parking lots, power plants, waste disposal plants, and maintenance sheds, the Winooski River is now envisioned as a natural and recreational resource where clean water and wildlife habitat restoration become an essential component of the future economy and quality of life.  Phase I of the Winooski River Greenway is envisioned as a lively space enjoyed by Montpelier residents, state and local employees, and state visitors. Pedestrian linkages to the State Capital have been identified to capture critical connections to the Winooski River and the City of Montpelier providing dramatic river views and a safe approach from State Street and the Montpelier Central Business District. The park celebrates the historical importance of the five bridges which span the River to provide additional connections and a rich interpretive dialogue characterizing Montpelier – the “City of Bridges” as part of the Gateway experience. Observation decks cantilever beyond the historic granite bulkhead as overlooks. Other features include a central gathering area with the dual purpose of grass in the summer and public skating in winter.  The park provides circular seating rings under a botanical display of the Maple, the Vermont State Tree, as well as a continuous esplanade with a combination of environmental art installations to interpret the Winooski River’s unique physical features.