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    Peter Mauss ESTO Photography

Co-op Plaza Redevelopment

Brattleboro, Vermont

Co-op Plaza is a unique collaboration between the Brattleboro Food Co-op, Windham Housing Trust and Housing Vermont.  The existing Food Co-op sits back from the street in a 1950’s era Supermarket configuration with parking out front.  The new plan will bring the building forward to a major intersection, creating a new addition to the Downtown Streetscape.   The Co-op will own the building’s two lower floors, while the Housing Trust will own and operate the affordable rental units on the top two floors.  Due to the 20’ of grade change Wagner Hodgson and the architect were able to weave together the two separate entities providing rear access and parking for the Co-op on the lower level and an at street grade entrance for the Housing upstairs.  A portion of the roof of the Co-op becomes a green roof / entrance courtyard at the Canal Street side.  The existing pavement is pulled back from Whetstone Brook and a riparian buffer will be established.  The portion of the parking lot adjacent to the Co-op entrance will be permeable pavers to help mitigate stormwater and also to denote this area as a Farmer’s Market during the summer months.  LED lighting will be used for the parking lot lights reducing the energy use substantially and extending the life of the lamp reducing maintenance needs.

Gossens Bachman