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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamie Maslyn Larson was the Principal in Charge of this project while a Partner at West 8 - the landscape architect for this project.  Schuykill Yards is a redevelopment project that transforms one of Philadelphia’s most underutilized districts into a vibrant mixed-use community.  Located at the west side of the renowned 30th Street Station, Schuykill Yards converts acres of existing parking lots into a new gateway to West Philadelphia’s vibrant university and residential communities.

The project focuses redevelopment around the creation of more than six acres of new public realm that offers diverse experiences. A 1.2 acre public square, called Drexel Square (to open in 2017), anchors the district and provide a flexible venue for events, programs and day-to-day relaxation. Pocket parks offer green respite. Streetscapes are redesigned to feel like boulevards to prioritize pedestrians, integrate green stormwater infrastructure, and hundreds of new trees.

Together the public realm and streetscapes establishes a new identity for this critical arrival point into Philadelphia and catalyze development for decades to come.

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