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    Master Plan Concept A
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    Master Plan Concept B
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    Master Plan Concept C
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    Joel Sanders Architect

Tuxedo Park Residence

Tuxedo Park, New York

ON THE BOARDS: Located in the historically designated Hamlett of Tuxedo Park, this high-end residencial project challenged our design team to come up with contemporary solutions to work in a setting of strong historical precedent.  Our scope included the restoration of several existing site elements as well as the preservation of an innately beautiful landscape. Within this framework we proposed a series of flexible exterior spaces and outdoor rooms to address the client’s needs as well as proposing an updated approach to planting and garden creation that work to elevate this property. Our design, including the integration of a swimming pool, car port and built in kitchen focused on enhancing the dialog between the old and new act to highlight the beauty of both. 

Joel Sanders Architect