johns hopkins broadway research facility, baltimore, maryland

Envisioned as an allegorical landscape, the site design was inspired by the notion of research and technology, incorporating a new research facility with several other research disciplines. The main programmatic challenge was creating a unified and dynamic outdoor urban space that is the center of the medical campus. The design both visually and physically links the street level visitor drop off area to the elevated, on-structure plaza level. The central feature of the design is a tilted lawn panel floating in a raised stainless steel structure, acting as the transition from the upper plaza to the street level. Phase two will introduce large circular planters, allegorical to research petri dishes containing Bamboo groves. These “dishes” will float over paving “datum” lines, which evoke graph paper that research is often layered over. This “carpet” of paving will also tie together several architectural styles.

Payette Associates
ESTO Photography