Lakeshore Retreat, Carmel, NY

Set along the shoreline overlooking Lake Sagamore, this site is characterized by its wooded canopy of hemlock and oak, and steep slope to the water.  WHLA’s approach connected the architectural language of the home to the land, expressed though simple forms and a restrained selection of materials. With distant views to the west, the broader design takes cues from the shoreline’s dramatic terrain and natural vegetation. A series of terraced spaces were placed to capture the varied experiences from arrival to woodland path, to the unfolding lakefront experience. A critical goal of the project was to protect the lake’s water quality by reducing sedimentation and nutrient runoff through a layered buffer of resilient plantings. A sloping path navigates to the lake, allowing users to experience these plantings and shoreline at an intimate scale.

2024 New York Upstate Chapter ASLA – Honor Award in Residential Design Category
RES4 - Resolution: 4 Architecture
General Contractor
Luppino Landscaping and Masonry, LLC
Anthony Crisafulli Photography