Aerie Point, Panton, Vermont

Wagner Hodgson worked closely with the owner and design team to reclaim this 110 acre estate into a summer compound for a family from Texas.  The 1920’s main house was fully renovated and expanded to take center stage on the point of the property.  Over time views to the lake had been diminished due to invasive plants and lack of forest management.  Working with an arborist we selectively edited the vegetation and invasive shoreline plants exposing many of the mature native trees that had been overtaken.  Native shoreline plants were planted along the shore for soil stabilization and wildlife habitat.  The existing mature trees were then limbed-up to open the understory view and provide a scrim of privacy for the estate.  An abandoned farmhouse on the property was divided into 2 guest houses which were positioned in different parts of the property with commanding views of Arnold Bay and Lake Champlain.  An existing swimming pool was renovated and a poolhouse was added.  The poolhouse and pool are now connected to the main house via a segmented bluestone arc walk and planting.  Local Panton Stone was quarried and used to build a long serpentine wall that ties the main house and poolhouse together.  A section of woods in front of the house was opened up so that upon arrival guests could catch a glimpse of the main house through the woods along an axial vista centered on the front door of the house.  Extensive walking paths connect the main house with the guest houses and a retreat cabin on the northern end of property.  An existing stream through the property was improved with 4 stormwater bays to catch sediment from upstream farms and filter the stormwater before it enters the lake.  The stream was landscaped with native wetland plants.  Minimalist Panton Stone piers mark the entry to the estate leading guest along a tree lined entry drive.

2020 Vermont Chapter ASLA – Merit Award
Truex Cullins
General Contractor
Westphalen Photography