Meadow Residence, Woodstock, vermont

Located on top of a hillside meadow, the orientation of the house is informed by the natural landscape with its quintessential Vermont pastoral views. Taking cues from the modern architecture of the home, the landscape design grounds the house in the meadow. Floating wood steps framed by birches connect the ground floor with the main floor. The lines of the house are extended to the west, creating outdoor rooms with a spacious deck, spa, seat wall, and outdoor fire pit. Atop the garage is a rooftop terrace and green roof with sedums reflecting the colors and texture of the surrounding meadow. The house is anchored by large native red maples strategically placed to frame views of the surrounding countryside. The simple and understated house and landscape evoke the historic agrarian landscape of Vermont.

Birdseye Design
General Contractor
Birdseye Building
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