Memorial Plaza Civic Space, Pleasantville, New York

ON THE BOARDS:  The Manville Road Civic Space lies in downtown Pleasantville, New York. The 1/2 acre site has four distinct zones that enable a wide range of programming in a strong design framework.   The four zones: The Lawn, Porches, Bosque, and Plaza, each support activities day to day and for special events year-round. The design also increases the accessibility of the nearby train station with a new ADA accessible ramp and walkways throughout the site.   The Lawn is a lush green space for relaxing and watching outdoor movies. Additionally, existing war memorials on the site are relocated here to allow visitors a beautiful and contemplative space.  The Plaza is a flexible space that accommodates a wide range of events: the farmers market, food trucks, or a winter market. The Plaza features a custom granite mosaic design feature that draws inspiration from the Village.  Finally, the Porches and Bosque areas are shady spaces for gatherings, reading, and people watching.  Hedges and shade trees make it lush and shady. Moveable bistro-style chairs and special lighting enhance the comfort and relaxing vibe.  Phil Myrick of MIG provided community input and programming to the project team.