Silver Bay Resort / William Boyd Center, Silver Bay, New York

The Silver Bay Resort is currently undertaking the construction of a $11 million and roughly 25,000 square-foot new lodging and dining building to replace an older building on the campus. The project includes a new guest-arrival lobby, dining center, connection to the existing ‘Inn’ building and new lodging as well as new outdoor spaces featuring a dining terrace, passive lawn areas, and new adjoining walks. The project is also incorporating sustainable design elements to help regulate storm water and increase efficiency. These will include rain gardens, native planting, permeable paving, local building materials, green roofs, and Dark Sky compliant lighting. The roadways around the new building will be improved to better facilitate pick-up/drop-off access and parking will be kept to a minimum in keeping with the Resorts pedestrian friendly circulation patterns. The new building will serve as a focal point for campus activity and help unify the resort’s campus setting standards for development in the future.

Phinney Design Group
Elizabeth Haynes Photography