UVM Medical Center oncology green roof, burlington, vermont

The Roof Garden for the new Radiology Oncology Center at The University of Vermont Medical Center is a sustainable garden for the enjoyment of the public. The design concept abstracts the aerial patterns of Vermont farm fields, meadows and villages. As a roof garden it will help reduce stormwater run-off. The plan features meadow, lawn, vegetable gardens and main plaza. The green roof & vegetable garden are an innovative example of responsible site development, in which the rooftop is being utilized to supplement the Hospital’s Food Service with locally grown, fresh vegetables. Equally important is the vegetable garden’s role as a therapeutic and educational tool for the patients of the Center to learn about nutrition and healthy food production. The Healing Garden located to the north of the center is meant to be a private, tranquil space for reflection and acts as a buffer between the parking/ loading docks and the new building. Planted with native Shadblow Serviceberry and ferns the space is reminiscent of a woodland glade. The main plaza which is bounded to the east by a water feature will providesunny south-facing gathering space for patients and staff. The upper terrace and vegetable garden can be accessed by an accessible ramp and allows visitors seating and filtered views of the Green Mountains.

2011 Vermont Chapter ASLA – Merit Award
cannon design
Andy Caulfield Photography