Village At White River Junction, White River Junction, Vermont

ON THE BOARDS: This project adds 80 units of luxury senior housing to downtown White River Junction consisting of 50 assisted living apartments and 30 memory care apartments.  The concept for the Village at White River Junction landscape is to blend the proposed architecture with both the existing wooded hillside and the urban fabric. Using traditional Vermont materials and patterns, the landscape is designed to provide future residents with a sense of familiarity and comfort.  The landscape design creates a diverse range of spaces, including an outdoor garden terrace at the intersection of Gates and Currier Streets; a re-vegetated transitional zone along the portion of the building that backs into the existing wooded hillside; and three roof-top terraces, designed for a range of activities.
The outdoor garden terrace will face Gates Street and offer the building’s residents a series of raised garden beds for growing annual flowers and vegetables of their choosing. A ‘woodland edge’ transitional zone occurs along the rear side of the building, blending the proposed structure with the existing wooded hillside. A series of three green roof terraces will provide a variety of outdoor spaces for residents to occupy.  A second-floor Memory Care Garden terrace will be planted with perennials and annuals that attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the interior of the space, while the perimeter will be densely planted with evergreens to provide privacy and tranquility for residents using the space.  A fourth-floor rooftop terrace will offer residents access to senior play equipment and a small dog park area. Large planters and a sculptural seating element will provide an attractive space for exercise, socializing, and enjoying views to the wooded hillside. The fifth-floor tavern terrace will also be screened and enhanced with a range of plant materials to provide residents with intimate outdoor spaces for socializing

4240 Architecture
Renderings by 4240 Architecture