Cynthia Silvey

Cynthia Silvey joined Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture in 2011, after receiving a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she researched urban plant communities and the ecosystem services they provide, and designed strategic revegetation and phytoremediation plans for urban areas ranging from Providence, Rhode Island to Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has worked as project manager for Colchester Research Building, a corporate development required by state and local codes to include extensive urban tree planting; and for a private residence in Stowe Vermont on 44 acres of agricultural land being managed to retain its historic character. Her residential work, where she seeks to combine finely detailed, sculptural hardscape and softscape elements, is informed by her background in art. All of her work is founded on an informed and pragmatic understanding of sustainability that accounts for aesthetic and cultural values as well as ecological processes. Cynthia is a licensed landscape architect in the state of Vermont.

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